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What is an AI?

Artificial Intelligence itself clears the meaning of the words, an intelligence developed to help intelligent beings made by intelligent beings for a better future technologically. 

How does AI work?

With time, the hype of Artificial intelligence has been exaggerated, and businesses are digging deep into how to use AI to boost their business. AI requires a foundation of specialized hardware and software for writing and training machine learning algorithms. No single programming language is synonymous with AI, but Python, R, Java, C++, and Julia have features popular with AI developers. 

AI systems work by ingesting large amounts of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about future states. 

Top 10 AI Tools: Boosting Business

In the fast-faceted business world, everyone wants to climb up higher than their competitors. In lieu of finding the appropriate AI tool and way to use it to bloom their business, business owners are scrambling for new AI in the hope of expanding their business. In this article, we will discuss 10 top AI tools for giving a boost to your business. 

Jasper: Jasper is a time-save AI-powered tool. Suppose you are a small-business owner, influencer, or content creator. In that case, Jasper can craft numerous types of different content based on the type of business you are using it for such as blog articles, product summaries, promotional text, and emails. It has the brand-voice capability. It enables users to incorporate their distinct brand voice into the AI-generated content. This feature helps ensure alignment between the company’s brand identity, tone, and style across all Jasper-produced content.

The key features of Jasper are:

  • Creation of engaging content
  • Tailored AI for your brand voice
  • Retrieval of real-time information
  • Direct Integration of AI into your workflow
  • Secure, scalable, and customizable writing assistant 

Pictory: Pictory is an AI-based video generator that eases your work by creating and editing high-quality videos. One of the best aspects of the tool is that you don’t need any prior experience in video editing or design. Start by providing a script or article, which will serve as the base for your video content. Pictory also allows easy edit videos using text, which is perfect for editing webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more. It’s very simple to use and takes just minutes.

Another great feature of Pictory is the creation of shareable video highlight reels, which proves useful for those looking to create trailers or share short clips on social media. Besides these great features, you can also automatically caption your videos and automatically summarize long videos. 

The key features of Pictory are:

  • Create a video based on articles or scripts
  • Edit videos using text
  • Create shareable video highlight reels
  • Automatically imbibe caption and summarize videos

ChatGPT: Now, come to the top player of AI tools, which catalyzed AI-powered tools in the market back in 2022 ( that just felt like yesterday); see how far we have come in terms of time and technology. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a chatbot that enables users to leverage conversational AI to ask and answer questions. This AI software for business is grounded on an advanced language model trained on a variety of internet text powered by innovations in transformer architecture. The latest model, GPT-4, is more advanced than previous versions. 

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The key features of ChatGPT are:

  • Natural language understanding
  • Contextual responses
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Knowledge base integration
  • Instructional response customization

Google Bard & Duet: Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT. One of the most popular AI-powered tools today, Bard is a powerful chatbot developed to simulate human conversations using NLP and machine learning algorithms. Bard has the power to streamline your content creation process to empower your business. 

The Google Bard cannot be used in cloud apps like Sheets, and that’s where Duet is needed. Google Cloud’s Duet AI serves as a constant AI partner, offering assistance to users across all skill levels exactly where it’s needed. These AI services make cloud platforms across the Google workplace more human-centric, holistic, and helpful.

Here are the key features of Google Bard:

  • Uses LLM, PaLM 2
  • Interactive voice assistant
  • Synchronization with other Google products
  • Export code to more places
  • Intelligent document summarization

DALL·E 2: DALL.E 2 is the new version of DALL.E, a tool powered by AI that acts as a text-to-image diffusion model crafted by OpenAI. This AI tool will allow you to enter a written prompt and generate a relevant image. The 2.0 version of DALL·E creates higher-resolution images and understands textual prompts better. It can also help you generate synthetic data, which is particularly beneficial for areas such as gesture recognition.

The key features of DALL.E 2 are:

  • Tool for producing original content, the design process enables the creation of novel products such as clothing, furniture, and toys.
  • Educational endeavors by crafting illustrative materials

Plus AI: This AI-based tool allows users to create presentations and edit slides using Generative AI in Google Slides.

The AI-powered suggestions are a game-changer. It’s like having a personal presentation assistant. The process is extremely simple: start with a prompt to generate a customizable outline, then watch as the AI turns it into slides in the blink of an eye.

Best of all, Plus AI will generate an outline, which you can customize prior to the presentation generation itself. To offer additional flexibility, when generating your slides, you can choose a visual theme. After the slides generation, you can edit them just like other presentations in Google Slides, export them for PowerPoint, and continue to edit them with Plus AI.

The key features of Plus AI are:

  • Powered by the latest in Generative AI
  • Integration between Google Slides and Powerpoint is smooth
  • It creates a presentation that needs only minor editing when used with detailed prompts
  • The ability to rewrite content on slides is a game-changer

Fireflies: The AI assistant works on natural language process (NLP) to eliminate the need for note-taking during a meeting. It easily records, transcribes, and searches across voice conversations on an intuitive-to-use platform. 

Instant record meetings across any web-conferencing platform. It is easy to invite Fireflies to your meetings to record and share conversations.

With Fireflies, you can transcribe live meetings or audio files that you upload. Skim the transcripts while listening to the audio afterward.

Working in teams was never so smooth; add comments or mark specific parts of calls to collaborate with teammates on important moments from your conversations quickly.

Key highlights of Fireflies are:

  • It enables you to review an hour-long call in less than 5 minutes
  • Record and transcribe calls instantly.
  • A simple-to-use search allows easy review of calls.
  • An easy-to-use meeting bot, invite Fireflies bot to a meeting or have it autojoin calls on your calendar.
  • Transcribe anything – Transcribe existing audio files instantly inside the dashboard.
  • Offers native integrations to dialers, Zapier, or the API to process audio & calls.
  • Eliminate note-taking.

Lyro by Tidio: Tidio offers a simplified solution for businesses to add a chatbot to their website. Instantly, you can chat with customers and solve their problems in real-time. It also eases to offer advantages like custom discounts based on browsing history. The AI can also make product recommendations based on their behavior.

Here are the key features of Lavender. AI:

  • Lyro learns from your FAQs in seconds and formulates complex answers to solve your customers’ problems
  • The AI stays within the boundaries of your knowledge base, and you can update its information at any time
  • Lyro is easy to implement and doesn’t require training
  • Use a playground environment so you can see how Lyro will respond to customer questions and adapt your FAQs accordingly
  • You can activate the AI in under 3 minutes, and it supports your customers 24/7
  • You and your audience can try this out with 50 free AI-driven conversations

Hit Paw Photo Enhancer: Hit Paw is at the top of our list of the best AI image & upscaler tools. This is the best AI image enhancer to make pictures less blurry and enlarge images without quality loss.

This Pro-level photo enhancement tool fixes blurred photos perfectly, and its AI models are available to upgrade photo quality on any occasion. The platform even offers technology to bring old photos back to life; the AI face enhancer provides a face model to make your face flawless and to colorize black-and-white images to bring old photos back to life with one click.

With the powerful AI noise reduction technology, the denoise model can automatically remove noise from high-ISO and low-lighting images and make the cartoon images look clearer as well.

The easiest approach is to use the general model to enhance images of real scenes, such as landscapes and buildings. This AI sharpener can also elevate image quality to make animals or flowers clearer.

The key features of Hit Paw are:

  • AI image enhancer available for Windows and Mac
  • Enhancing quality and resolution at one click automatically
  • Easily make pictures less blurry and remove noise from pictures
  • Enlarge and upscale images without quality loss at all

Motion: Motion is an AI-powered pioneering tool that amplifies the productivity of a business; it’s designed to optimize your digital workspace and boost efficiency. Motion leverages machine learning algorithms for smart task scheduling, automatic prioritizing, and intelligent notifications. AI backs up its user-friendly interface and customizable settings

Whether you’re an independent professional combating procrastination or a team leader striving to elevate team productivity, Motion employs AI to help manage time and tasks more effectively.

The below listed are the key features of Motion:

  • Task prioritization
  • Calendar conflict resolution
  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Team collaboration
  • Native integrations

The right tool to give your business a boost

The use of AI is rapidly evolving in every vertical of industry. Choosing the appropriate AI tool according to the business is the question, as the market is fully fledged with numerous AI tools. Unleash the power to ease your work and upgrade your business with the best AI tools listed above. These tools bring unique potential to the table, such as automating mundane tasks, providing automated data analytics, enhancing customer engagement, and even optimizing content for SEO.

However, the key to harnessing their full potential lies in understanding the specific needs and implementing these tools strategically. So, keep exploring, stay informed, and find ways that make sense for you to embrace the AI revolution.

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