Advisory Services
We take pride as we develop robust and scalable cloud applications that not only integrate seamlessly with your existing systems but also ensure maximum security leveraging our cloud application development services. Our services are designed to provide continuous support and optimal performance, contributing to your business’s overall efficiency and productivity.
Cloud services facilitated by Liangtuang

We know cloud is more than just technology, so our solutions encompass the workforce and culture change needed for lasting success..

Cloud Consulting

Leverage our decades of experience with some of the world's most complicated IT environments to create your optimal cloud strategy, streamline your IT architecture, and achieve your desired business results.

Private Cloud Services

Experience the perfect combination of cloud efficiency and private infrastructure performance, compliance, and security that empowers you to modernize and manage your enterprise.

Public Cloud Services

Our proven, standardized, and repeatable services are meticulously designed to empower you to effortlessly design and deploy your applications and workloads on the optimal public cloud platform for your enterprise.

Modern Operations
Liangtuang seamlessly integrates people, processes, and cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled value that iterates on your current state, anticipated future needs, and the precise steps required to optimize your operational processes and maximize efficiency.
Cloud Migration Services
Embark on your cloud adoption journey with Liangtuang's Cloud Migration Services.
Managed Cloud Services
With a suite of unparalleled capabilities across the public, private, and hybrid cloud, LTech empowers enterprises to optimize and modernize their infrastructure and applications, enabling them to fully harness the potential of the cloud while also offering an array of managed services that cover the entire IT stack.
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