E-Learning Solution

Advisory Services
E-Learning Solutions?
Develop interactive, intuitive and scalable e-learning solutions that transform the knowledge delivery for all stakeholders such as educational institutions, education content providers, and corporate training centers.

Our e-learning Software Development Services Include:

LMS Development Services
  • LMS Software Development
  • Student Enrollment & On-boarding
  • Student Service Portal
Custom SIS Application Development Services
Custom SIS Solutions
Student Enrollment & On-boarding
Student Service Portal
Gamification Assisted Learning Solution
Process Gamification
Custom Game Design
Game Analytics Integration
API Development & Integration Services
  • API consulting
  • Custom AI API solutions
  • API implementation services
  • API integration services
  • API automation testing
  • Cloud-based APIs
  • Mobile API development
  • Web API development
  • API support & maintenance
  • Microservices consulting services
UI/UX audit
  • UX research
  • UX audit
  • UI audit
  • Ecommerce UI/UX audit
  • Website UX audit
  • Web app UX audit
  • Mobile app UX audit
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Microservices consulting services
  • Performance testing
  • Content assessment
  • UX audit report
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