Privacy Policy


Liangtuang Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (also will be use as “Liangtuang”, “we” “our”, or “us”) is a company that operates its website at, acknowledges and respects your concerns pertaining to privacy and assures the protection of personally identifiable information of the clients and keeps it confidential. Liangtuang Technologies have an obligation to impart the compliance and policies processes, technical and physical management and security so that all data, usage, storage and transfer of personal information (also “personal data”) all over the globe are controlled and meet statutory and authoritative standards. Hence, it is obvious that we deliberately focus on providing corporate professionalism so as to attain a front-line objective for data protection and privacy management.

Liangtuang Technologies is a reliable and trustworthy IT company in India, and we take every reasonable step to protect your data and privacy. To visit Liangtuang Technologies website, there is no need to reveal personal information and the client accessing our website remains entirely anonymous.

Personal Data - How and Why do we Collect?

Personal Data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. This includes name, title, company, address, company name, contact details, or email address etc.

We can collect your Personal Data through these channels:

  • Contacts procured from mail, email, phones or other means of online interactions.
  • Presenting your visiting cards or other contacting details.
  • Subscriptions - “subscribe to our blog”, “Newsletters”, “Project Forum”. You can put a stop to subscribing to our publications by emailing us your concern at
  • Cookies and website tracking through IP addresses, device details, cookies or web beacons.
  • Submission of Resumes, Cvs or work experiences or filling out at email links or contact forms.
  • Any other way of contacting us for further information.
  • Your information may be subjected to be given if we receive any requests related to instances like specific marketing merchandise, callbacks, only meant to fulfill your concern. The other reasons we collect your personal data:
  • Personalize User experience - With the information provided by you, we may use it to personalize your experience on our website. Contents you might be engrossed in and navigate on our website easier are provided.
  • Improvise Customer service - We can efficiently carry out a precise service through your provided information.
  • Monitoring or Recording of Calls, Chats and Other Interactions - At times online Interactions may involve calling or chatting either by you or us. It is our general agenda to take command and at times may record such communications for quality assurance approach, staff training or to maintain proof about any transactions or interactions.
  • Subscriptions - your information will be required if you have chosen to subscribe to our publications such as newsletters, email, blogs etc.
  • Related to transactions, we may get in touch with you as part of our clients satisfaction surveys or for market research purposes compliance with laws and regulations. Also initiate and complete commercial transactions
  • Cookies - Our website uses cookies to inspect our traffic, personalize contents, solution for social media features etc.
  • Accomplishments of contract we have partaken with you or with the entity you represent.
  • For various other purposes regarding the aforementioned collection of personal data.
Personal Data Storage

As or required by the authorized law, your personal information will be maintained through the process by which you have provided. By the objectives of the pertinent laws and legislations, your personal data have access to compliances, accountabilities and obligations regarding destructions and storage of personal data.

Data Security and Subject’s Rights

Liangtuang Technologies is obligated to the authoritative confidentiality and security of sensitive information which includes distinctive information and has endorsed a set of information management policies consisting of privacy and data protection, security, classification, or other relevant policies governing the collection, usage, disclosure transfer retention and deletion of information.

The Data Subject has the following rights:

  • Right to information – You are liable to know whether your information is being collected, processed, which data is collected, from where it is procured and why or by whom it is gathered.
  • Right to withdraw consent – You have the right to withdraw any given consent for Processing of your Personal Data.
Options and preferences

Based only on the requirement and specific need, your information is collected under a lawful ground or with consent. A secondary request to your personal information is totally your choice to express your declination or acceptance. Any other request to subscribe to newsletters, send emails or participate in online communities are utterly your alternate choices.


A cookie is a string of information that is sent to a browser from a web server which is then stored in the computer’s hard drive so that it can be easily accessed when a visitor visits that website again. By modifying your browser preferences, you have the choice to accept all cookies, or be notified when a cookie is set, or to reject all cookies. Liangtuang Technologies will access only those cookies that we have generated. In addition to information provided by visitors to our web site, Liangtuang Technologies monitors incoming and outgoing web traffic data for diagnosis of server problems for web administration purposes and uses this data to collect general demographic information about all visitors to our site. This information allows us to ensure that we provide the most desired information to our visitors. As an important part of providing quality service, Liangtuang Technologies uses cookies to store and track information.


When sharing information, the client hereby agrees with the terms of this privacy policy and the contents mentioned herein. Additionally, the policy may be altered or updated in intervals, so it is mandatory to check it from time to time. Liangtuang Technologies assumes that the client has read all the provisions in this Privacy Policy and notes that by availing our software services:

  • The client agrees that if any personal information is disclosed to us, we may create a database record about the same.
  • If the client shares information on our website to propose any software development or prosecute any other services, they agree for us to collect any relevant personal information mandatory to provide the client with the requested services.
  • The client allows Liangtuang Technologies to use cookies on the website (unless the client opts otherwise).
  • The client agrees that Liangtuang Technologies can contact them with information regarding updated services and development which may interest them.
Grievances and Feedbacks

Your grievances can be directed to and will be taken into full consideration.