IoT & Digital Engineering


Liangtuang Technologies is a one-stop IoT solution engineering services provider delivering full-fledged IoT solutions from concept to realization and testing to deployment. We help small and large-scale enterprises to successfully design and implement digital transformation plans for their business solutions.

We design, develop, integrate, and reengineer legacy solutions to accommodate new business objective

Why Us?

At Liang Tuang we expertise in striking a perfect balance between quality and cost.

On-time delivery of work

We master the time-effectiveness as we deliver the work on-time to our clients.

24/7 Clients Support

We stand as a reliable IT solution company rendering 24/7 clients support whenever they need our assistance

LiangTuang IoT & Digital Engineering service offers
Internet of Things
We design, develop, integrate, and reengineer legacy solutions to accommodate new business objectives
Machine Learning
Our machine learning experts have experience working on all forms of data, ranging from text, numbers, audio, and video to images, using various frameworks, data analysis, and visualization tools.
Cloud engineering services at Liangtuang allow businesses to improve platform efficiencies, operational flexibility, and business scalability.
Connected App
Our experts enable OEMs and Enterprises to build feature-rich connected applications from scratch or migrate and modernize the existing legacy system.
Data Engineering
LTech’s data engineering services help companies with highly efficient data engineering solutions with next-gen data analytics and visualization, validating and verifying data quality and implementing ETL processes, thereby delivering an analytical data-driven solution for your organization.
LTech’s DevOps services include DevOps consulting, DevOps workflow automation, CI/CD pipeline integration, microservices architecture, automated testing techniques, and dockerization to help organizations bring a feature-rich, reliable product to the market in a lower time frame and cost with a zero-downtime experience.
Projects for iot & digital transformation

Developed a project for NSDMA, decentralized relief fund payouts to citizens' bank accounts

By connecting your business assets, merging and automating data streams, you can use real intelligence to achieve the business outcomes and operational objectives you desire

We accept flexible mode for any payment. Our clients can experience relief from any complex situation when it comes to payment. We follow a relaxed and eased method of payment. We accept:

  • Any online payment,
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cheque

While working with LiangTuang Technologies there are numerous perks and one of the is our Developers are, no doubt, well-versed in the field of different technologies providing unique and comprehensive solutions. With years of experienced experts, we built up a resilient team to diligently carry out the development process with determination and consistency.

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Proven Development Experience & Happy Clients in 9+ Nations are our Pillars of Success.