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Liangtuang's Digital Experience Engineering services offer state-of-the-art development to meet and deliver human-centric engineering digital experiences. We connect data and design to transform customer interactions into personalized experiences that drive business results. Our insight-led processes create seamless customer buying journeys, and our services span strategy, user research and design to deployment, integration, testing, and support.

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Digital Experience Engineering services LTech offers
UX Engineering
Bridge the gap between design, development and testing with well-crafted UX engineering
Content Engineering
Our content engineering services include everything from designing, creating and managing the documentation to increasing content value.
Peer product engineering
Collaborate strategic plan and launch products on time and with finest features with our peer product engineering.
Mobility Engineering
Build dynamic applications by leveraging high performance mobility solutions with our mobility engineering.
Projects for digital experience Engineering

Developed Liamtra's website for listing and purchasing services.


While there are hundreds of CMS platforms, each with its unique functionality, some of the best and most popular CMSs we work with are:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Optimizely CMS
  • Contentful
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

Specifically for online stores, although we also work with Optimizely Monetize, Adobe Magento and Shopify CMSs.

<p>Once an application is released, ongoing maintenance and support are crucial to ensure its smooth operation, user satisfaction, and adaptation to evolving technologies. The type and level of maintenance required depend on the complexity of the application, user feedback, and your business goals. Here are the key aspects of maintenance and support for an application LTech provides after the application is released:</p> <ul className="m-0"> <li>Bug Fixing and Issue Resolution</li> <li>Updates and Enhancements </li> <li>Performance Optimization</li> <li>Security Maintenance</li> <li>Compatibility and Device Updates</li> <li>User Feedback and Support</li> <li>Server Maintenance</li> <li>Content Management</li> <li>Analytics and Monitoring </li> <li>Compliance and Regulations </li> <li>User Training and Documentation </li> <li>Feedback and Iteration </li> <li>Scalability Planning </li> <li>Cost Monitoring </li> <li>Continuous Improvement </li> </ul>

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