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Managed IT Services
Managed Services can be your go-to option for 360 degree strategic, financial & operation success without draining your resources or constraining agility. Whether you need to simplify operations or are looking to reduce the complexity of multiple ownerships – managed services can help with both & more.

Bring-in skilled resources with the right expertise and focus on core-competencies of your business with Liangtunag Technologies’ Managed IT Services.

Our managed IT services are:

Managed application support

With our Managed Application Support Services, you can avoid backlogs & minimize the risk of disruptions, while staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards.,

Salesforce Managed Services

Keep up with the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem, streamline complexbusiness processes and deliver continuous innovation to your customers withour Salesforce Managed Services.,

Managed Testing Services

Elevate your business with cost-efficient, agile, and consistent software quality assurance through Liangtuang’s Managed Testing Services.

Managed Cloud Services

Take a leap to the cloud in a secured, optimized & cost-efficient manner with our comprehensive range of Managed Cloud Services.

DevOps managed services

By automating your software testing and deployment processes with DevOps managed services, you can release software with greater speed and confidence, without sacrificing quality.

Managed Security Services

Leverage our comprehensive managed security services for the protection and maintenance of your digital platforms.

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