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AWS Consulting Services
Accelerate your digital transformation journey with our agile AWS consulting services. Leverage the elastic IT infrastructure of AWS coupled with our strategic partnership with Amazon to build cutting-edge software solutions.

AWS consulting and implementation services:

AWS consulting and audit

Receive a comprehensive evaluation of your current application infrastructure and monitoring systems from our team of cloud experts.

AWS Migration

Effortlessly transfer your entire application workload to AWS, including databases & applications, irrespective of current location on any other cloud platform or on-premise data centre.

Managed Cloud Services

Take a leap to the cloud in a secured, optimized & cost-efficient manner with our comprehensive range of Managed Cloud Services.

AWS implementation

Leverage our profound expertise in designing small, focused microservices that accelerate implementation and enhance resiliency to develop robust and highly scalable applications on the AWS platform.

Amazon RDS Services

Leverage Amazon RDS web services to set up, operate, and scale your relational database in the AWS cloud.

AWS CloudFormation Services

Provision, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your cloud infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation services.

AWS Redshift

Enhance your data analytics capabilities with AWS Redshift.

AWS Code Commit

Elevate your software development workflow with AWS CodeCommit, a secure and fully-managed Git-based version control service.

AWS CloudWatch

Leverage our AWS consulting services to gain real-time insights into your AWS resources and applications with AWS CloudWatch.

AWS Inspector

Ensure the security and compliance of your AWS infrastructure with AWS Inspector.

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