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Public Sector

Adaptive, resilient, and inclusive public services are the heart of a well-functioning society. Government institutions cater to everything—from water and sanitation to driver licenses and passports. We drive digital innovation to address such challenges so governments can focus on delivering excellent citizen experience.

Liangtuang Technologies worked for the public sector in the following domains:
  • Citizen Governance: The communication link between a government and private individuals or residents.
  • Decentralized Payout System: A decentralized payout system for providing funds directly to citizens' bank accounts who have suffered losses.
Here is one of the projects we worked on:

Liangtuang developed a project for NSDMA. Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority, abbreviated as NSDMA, is a government agency. It aims to coordinate response to natural or man-made disasters and capacity-building in disaster resiliency and crisis response in Nagaland state of India.

Projects for Public Sector

Developed a project for NSDMA, decentralized relief fund payouts to citizens' bank accounts.


Worked with Emaar- Users negotiate, select vendors, and create PR/PO for direct procurement.

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