Advisory Services
The DevOps approach is an accepted norm for achieving the goal of continual product roll-outs. The speed that DevOps services add to software development and infrastructure management helps organizations to innovate faster for customers while helping them better adapt to changing markets.
Add velocity to your software development

At Liangtuang Technologies, the DevOps engineers ensure continuous integration and deployment of product updates to production. This is automated through DevOps tools and best practices to build, test, monitor, and deploy software releases. Liangtuang DevOps services include:

Advisory Services
  • Cyber security consulting
  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Zero Trust Security
  • Cloud Security services
  • Throat intelligence services
  • Security Awareness Training
DevOps Managed services
Infrastructure Automation
DevOps Configuration Management
Integration & Deployment
Infrastructure Monitoring
Cloud Hosting
    • Cloud consulting services
    • Migration to cloud
    • Cloud Applications Development
    • Integration with Cloud
    • Cloud infrastructure Management
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