2 Methods to Install Gemini AI on Your Phone

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Last year, Google launched Google Bard as a Search-Generative Experience (SGE). Google Bard has returned with new powers and a new name: Gemini. Google Gemini now supports the whole ecosystem and serves the largest model, Gemini Ultra 1.0, which has surpassed human experts on MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding). Let’s learn how to install and use Gemini AI instead of Google Assistant on your phone.

With Gemini, Google has opened new doors to use the advanced AI model directly as an app on your phone. With the Google Gemini app, you can chat or add a picture for help while on the go. You can take a photo of your peripheral, ask for suggestions, create a custom image for your dinner party invitation, or ask for assistance writing a complicated text message.

Approach 1 – Install the Gemini AI Assistant

The Google Gemini app is officially accessible to download in select areas. The Gemini AI can now be used in English and the US. Anyone in the US can go to the Google Play Store to download the app Google Gemini. The app will soon be available in more languages, countries, and territories.

Approach 2 – Sideloading Gemini AI Assistant in Other Countries

If the Google Gemini app is not available in your location, or you cannot resist testing it, you can sideload the Gemini app and set it up. Here’s how to sideload the Google Gemini app in other countries:

1. Download the Google Gemini APK file from APKMirror.

2. Install the downloaded APK file from the downloads or file manager and launch the app.

Ensure you have the latest Google app; otherwise, you must update it to use Gemini AI.