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Get an alluring and transformative user experience design to entice your customer. Draw business with flawless customization and curative solutions. Turn to Liangtuang’s UI and UX services!

Delivering Interactive UI/UX Design

UI design stands for 'user interface' which focuses on the graphical layout of the application. IT consists of designing all the small to elaborate features that the user will interact with, which consists of the screen layout, transitions, interface animations and micro-interaction on the website. A rigorous approach revolves around in making the application's interface visually appealing for the customer to interact with it.

Great User Experience Design with HTML And CSS Code

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies for building Web pages. HTML is responsible for providing the structure of the page. Whereas CSS revolves around the visual and aural layout of a website, for a variety of devices. Hence, HTML and CSS form the basis of building Web pages and Web Applications.

Convert Traffic into Customer with Awesome UI/UX Design

Most companies opt for attractive interfaces and captivating contents designed with curated marketing strategies. Doing so will increase their business approach through an animated web and mobile interface. A well designed website or mobile application can exceptionally enhance the demand of targeted customers when interfacing with your digital platforms. This helps generate higher conversion rates, continual business growth and larger revenue.

Improve User Interface

An interactive interface is an expectant feature for users. Hence, a website or application tends to be responsive when the interfaces are arranged orderly.

Easy Content Reading

Developing a neat design and readable content exceptionally entices a flock of users. Hence, A well organized content is liable to be SEO friendly because keywords are easier to identify and highlight the content.

Increase Customer Loyalty

An appealing, smooth and orderly interface will significantly attract users to your website or application which may convert them into customers. They will have the urge to continually use your digital platform and will motivate their contacts to use your services.

Generate Revenue and Create Opportunities

Having a target for your website or application will help you identify and optimize possible opportunities to convert users into customers. Through a series of testing you are able to know how users respond best to and filter the experience repeatedly. This allows you to outperform your results for better plan interactions or enhancing calls to action that converts and grows revenue.

Helps in Navigation

UI/UX encompasses the features of your digital platform as in loading speed, swipes, content order and responses. It helps in anticipating the user’s next steps in the website or application without any troubling. Besides, a search box in the interface is an ultimate bonus for users.

The Ultimate Process

At the start of each project, we work with our customers to build a solid project plan. We generously put our efforts into designing Android, ios and windows mobile application and website exceptionally. We follow a strategic process so that your business can generate real business outcomes.

Product Strategy

The first step of the UI/UX design involves product strategizing the lines with your core mission. This helps us discover and lay the foundation of the entire project.

Working on Client’s Expectations

Your expectations, needs and requirements are well taken care of at every stage of the process. We customize all solutions and deliverables according to what your business requires to reach the heights.

Research & Testing

In this stage, our team puts rigorous efforts in researching and providing your business with the best. We further test the aspects involved in taking the right step ahead.


From large to small aspects, our team is put behind discovering what will land the best for your business. We provide the best at every level of the process.


When you understand what the problems you and your users are facing, our team gets behind in solving it. We are able to create a strategy for your design success.

Liangtuang- Your Perfect UI/UX Design Services Partner?

Liangtuang Technologies provide a successful and transformative UI/UX Experience design solution. Our skilled designers are keenly aware of utilizing the right features for any UI/UX Designed Services.

Experienced designers: We are eager to provide our clients with resounding outcomes assigned to us with a prototype manifestation. Their skills are beyond matched with all the techniques in the tip of their fingers.

High Performance and chic design: With the help of a well versed HTML/CSS coding and scripting language, we enhance and deliver an unmatched performance and impressive user experience. Moreover we design a chic and appealing website and application for our clients.

Total transparency and work ethics: Liangtuang Technologies executes its work process with ethical principles of transparency and adaptiveness to have a long term and special bond with our clients. We adopt a fair, open and logical approach to deliver the tasks assigned to us and give our best to make your business unbeatable in the industries.

Effective Solutions with Domain Insights: We provide a seamless UI/UX Design and Development of web, mobile application and software. Our service ensures a full-fledged solution in-depth to the domain that includes product scalability, interface design, web and mobile responsiveness, and security.

On-Time Delivery and Support: Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time. We are an expert and certified team of designers and consistently perform to achieve the set target for Programming Language assistance. Our support and maintenance means providing quality assistance round the clock and keeping you updated for any changes.


With all due concern, the time period totally relies on the varieties that will be involved in your UI/UX design, development and requirement. It entirely depends on the scope of the design and priorities of the clients that will be decisively done on single shot or phase wise.
Yes. But we do not expect technical resources from our client. However our prospective client must mandatorily share his organizational goal, functional requirements and advise technical usage or specifications. Other resources include user analytics data, business records and the preceding user experience test results.
Yes, you are our initial importance. You will be accompanied by one of our project managers to constantly devote his/her time towards your opinion, approach, discussion and suggestions that will be required during the entire development process. Our Project manager will deliberately keep in touch with you and keep you updated.
Depending on the project size/features, design, coding, development and testing, the cost factor is determined. Our clients can openly discuss with the concerned project manager to help identify, classify and estimate the price for each project undertaking.
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