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Liangtuang Technologies is known for being one of the best React Native Company featuring the latest mobile and web cutting-edge technologies. We strive to offer next-gen React Native App Development with explicit awareness of our clients business on-demand requests. We provide absolutely outstanding solutions for your mobile development experiences.

Leverage the Power of React Native in App Development

Delivering at the best that we can, Liangtuang Technologies believe in our clients’ needs, and efforts. We put our priority in delivering a solution on time worth enticing an end number of customers by using several development models.

React Native app development

Build a robust and top-notch react native mobile app featuring a rich variety, great user experience, and best-in-class feel of the app.

Custom module for React Native

React native has the same components as of native and the context runs the same too. Hence, the native code can be enhanced. Develop customized features such as biometrics, bluetooth communication etc.

Automated end-to-end testing

we deliver automated end-to-end testing exponentially undergoing various test scenarios less expensive and faster. This will absolutely ensure a high quality of your end product at a higher level.

Process automation

This process helps detect and eliminate simple or heavy errors that sometimes occur when you do repetitive tasks. This will gravely save you from spending time and money finding the mistakes manually.

Benefits of React Native App Development

There are several good reasons to opt for React Native Framework to develop your Mobile Apps. Let’s have a look at few of its benefits noted below:

  • Great Performance - Similar to that of native app development, React native apps are also built on the specific Android or iOS platform. Their performance has almost no difference with that of native apps. React native apps take hold of the Graphics processing unit (GPU) rather than the Central processing unit (CPU) making them faster than cross platform technologies. Moreover, the programming language optimized for mobile devices also makes them faster to perform.
  • Increased Flexibility - One of the fulfilling benefits of react native is that developers can pick and continue building the interface from the place where someone else left off. The flexibility is well appreciated and makes things simpler to update or upgrade the mobile app. This also means it is open-ended for testers to create a testing environment easier.
  • Saves Money and Time - While most of the code scripts are compatible with iOS and Android, developers have to build only one app. As a result, two apps are created saving not only time but money too. Companies no longer have to choose which version to build and launch first due to the cost of building two separate apps. In addition maintenance and updates are done on both apps at the same time which saves on future costs once the apps are built and launched.
  • Existing App Augmentation - If you have an existing app wanting to augment, react native User Interface Components can be inserted into it. This can be done without re-writing the app and in a very cost effective manner. Hence, this feature allows an existing app to augment without completely rewriting it.
  • Transportable - React Native App development frameworks are transportable to another development framework if need be. This way, the developers have no complication to start from the ground level. For instance, they can export the application from React Native to Android studio and continue from there.
  • Instantly View Changes - In react native development, developers can instantly view the changes they have made at the same time to the code in another live preview window. This is made possible through ‘live reloading’ or ‘hot reloading’. Hence, developers find it convenient as they receive real-time feedback.
  • Faster App Publish Updates - React native application updates have a faster tendency to publish updates. Both apps from iOS and Android platforms can be updated simultaneously as well as the whole process is easy with faster results. Developers can run the update process through over the air updates when you want to create improvement for the users.Moreover the process is implemented even as one is using the app. Another benefit is that both the app store platforms are approved, hence there is no requirement to update the app manually.

Why should you build a React Native App Development with Liangtuang Technologies?

At Liangtuang Technologies, we assimilate as a right team to solve the right problems. We are one of the best react native app development companies and compose a team of professional developers assembled to deliver best-in-class solutions. That said, here are why you should choose Liangtuang Technologies today:

Excellent team

Our team displays high regards on providing and performing efficient solutions for app development. This is because our diligent team are highly experienced react native app developers with resounding techniques all in the tips of their fingers.


We ensure deliberate scalable leverages that can be scaled up and down according to your growing business needs. Your react native app will be creatively designed with varieties that will entice your set audiences.

Constructive Solutions

We are highly capable of providing ultimate solutions to top your react native app amongst the other competitors’ apps.

Work Transparency and Ethics

We believe that the key to building a professional rapport with our clients is transparency and ethical conduct in work and in communication.

On-Time Delivery

Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time. This is fulfilled because of our dedicated developers who consistently perform to achieve the set target for your native app project.

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Developers at Liangtuang are skilled and highly dedicated providing quality solutions at best results. We are adhesively aspiring, creative, organized, punctual, naturally cordial and genuine in our approach.

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React Native App development for mobile phones is easier, faster and more agile as compared with other cross platform apps. Developers can easily build an outstanding app without fully understanding the native languages used separately for Android and iOS like Swift or JavaScript, Objective C and others. Also developers can add native code segments if they require. As a result the app performs as a natively developed. Hence, It lessens the chance of spending a huge sum of money as compared to spending them for two different sets of codes.
Native or UI and JavaScript are the two main languages for React Native. They both communicate using a bridge. Precisely, the react native passes the instruction to the native platform and then calls the JavaScript function. In this way a native button is built for iOS (Objective C) and Android.
Developing a native app requires a huge amount of money, is inefficient and takes a lot of time to release. On the other hand, React Native allows cutting development time and bringing agility while building an app. It also provides greater User Experience and processes efficiently. As a result, React Native is effectively one of the best frameworks for developers to support the same code base between a mobile app for iOS and Android and a website.
While Facebook is the creator of React Native, it is the biggest social network to use its components as their own products. Besides this, Instagram, Pinterest, Walmart, Wix, Tesla are other social media and tech giants that use React Native framework to a great extent.
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