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Building a website that attracts seamless interaction for clients is of utmost importance. We are all up for the challenge in developing a sound PHP Development for you. Ditch your difficulties to us to create a rich and vibrant website for your businesses!

PHP Development Best Choice for Businesses

Php is an open source web development platform and PHP is free to use by anyone. We provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art software and web development services using this open source web development service. PHP platform independently on all the major operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows operating systems. Demand for PHP development in the market is very high due to fast processing and development of ecommerce, CRM, and CMS portals.

Laravel Development

Laravel is an open-source, PHP based web application framework. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. Laravel employs a fast development approach for developing high-quality web applications with modular programming. It is the most preferred PHP framework for web application development. Laravel is also known for its robust features that are valuable in developing web applications at a much faster pace. Laravel helps in the development aspect as it eases out common tasks used in the majority of web projects that include authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. LiangTuang offers a wide range of Laravel development services to businesses of different industries. We also have an in-house expert team of developers with extensive knowledge on Laravel Platform and experience.

Cake PHP

CakePHP is among the most popular PHP frameworks that are trusted and used brands all over the globe. CakePHP aids in reducing a large amount of code. It uses convention over configuration that allows the framework to figure out your code. CakePHP also helps in reducing heaps of code. The simple syntax, common-sense design, application scaffolding and code generation tools of CakePHP allow you to prototype and validate faster. This enables your application to be ready for progressive growth. CakePHP supports unit testing. Through its thousands of plugins that are available to extend and enhance the framework beyond its core capabilities expect rapid development in less time. Our teams of experts ensure development at the highest level.

CodeIgniter (CI)

Codeigniter is a PHP based web development framework, widely used for developing web applications, websites, CMS, and e-commerce portals. We create high-quality web applications and other portals with the help of CodeIgniter framework. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified Codeigniter programmers. Get cost effective Codeigniter web development services at Liangtuang.


Nowaday, web development has become the topmost priority of businesses that allow them to expand their business into the market. The Zend PHP framework is the best solution for web application development and allows advanced code implementation, data encryption and multi-database support. We have a team of expert and certified web development and programming professions, get the benefits of the Zend web development framework.


Symfony is one of the robust PHP web development platforms and has become the best choice for small and medium businesses. Symfony can be the game changer for startup and medium or small businesses because Symfony allows full control of configuration, speeds up the development process and maintenance of complex web applications. At Liangtuang we can help you with top class web application development for any industry.

Our PHP Development Services

Liangtuang Technologies offers cutting edge PHP Development services

PHP Web Development

Our Developers are highly skilled to draw out the best PHP Framework services for your distinct business requirements and create a front line web development in the field your business fits in.

Portal Development

We are creative developers to develop specific web portals in approach to B2B/B2C portals, enterprise and corporate portals based on your business portal requirement.

PHP based CMS Development

Generate a creative and modified digital content through our PHP based CMS Development such.

E-Commerce Development

Create an immersive one-stop online store-front with our feature rich PHP E-commerce development.

PHP/MySQL development

With our PHP/MySQL development, create your dynamic web pages to communicate excellently with visitors.

Custom PHP Solution

PHP is customizable hence it can provide customized solutions that are more authentic and appropriate as per the requirement of the particular web development project.

Web Application Development

Experience an excellent cross platform web applications development to a number of users and give them better user experience.

Social Networking Solutions

We can develop profound and attractive social networking sites through open source platforms that also enhance the platform with an absolutely effective design.

Advantages to Develop Website/application on PHP Framework

The fact that PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a free open source framework is not the only beneficial perk of it. With change in the time phase of web development, it has moved on from static to dynamic features and PHP development has made things simpler, handy and reliable for most coders. This scripting language have the potential to display an array of benefits for developers to be thankful:

  • Simple and Easy to learn - Among the other programming languages, PHP is considered the easiest coding language with no effort to study intensively. Thanks to the simple Syntax which is organized, simple and logical, even an apprentice developer can catch up quickly.
  • Scalable - Most websites or applications have chances to change its functionality in the course of the on-going project. The PHP framework is extremely flexible to make changes even after the project is done or during its development process which saves a lot of time.
  • SEO-Friendly - PHP framework based Websites are highly SEO Friendly that help search engines to crawl and index the website without any issue and enhance visibility of the website in Google and other search engines.
  • Cost Efficient - PHP is a free open source framework, hence, no expense is necessary in purchasing high cost softwares or licenses. It has the chance to function effectively on different database platforms such as Apache or MySQL.
  • Speed - Due to compact and clean coding PHp based websites functions faster while browsing. This in fact reduces the loading time and server loads, therefore the processing speed is faster.
  • Responsive - Any computed device screens have the ability to access the website or application so that end users have no interruption while using their favored devices such as laptop, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Support Access- In spite of a massive number of users, PHP have an absolute strength to support every access


With all due concern, the time period is totally dependent on the varieties that will be involved in your PHP development and requirement. We keenly attend first to what exactly our clients want for the PHP development before we execute the project. We encourage our clients to discuss the plan and details with us and accordingly the time period will be advised by our experts.
Liangtuang with its cutting edge PHP technologies engage the use of technology stacks like Laravel, CakePHP, Yii and so on. We also provide CMS development such as WordPress, Jooml, Drupal, SilverStripe, Modx, Concrete5, and PHP Fusion.
Liangtuang Technologies provides seamless services for PHP development. Our clients have the liberty to approach and choose any of our PHP developers according to their utmost requirements.
Yes, you are our initial importance. You will be accompanied by one of our project managers to constantly devote his/her time towards your opinion, approach, discussion and suggestions that will be required during the entire development process. Our Project manager will deliberately keep in touch with you and keep you updated.
With all concerns, PHP is a Our client must understand that each project undertaking will be unique or slightly similar to others. Depending on the project size/features, design, coding, development and testing, the cost factor is determined. Our clients can openly discuss with the concerned project manager to help identify, classify and estimate the price for each project undertaking.
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