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Prefer us to get high-end and customized open source software solutions for start-up, enterprises, or existing corporate. Get an exponential result even from a scratch for your growing business.

Open Source Development Perfect Solution for Businesses

Develop the most challenging and complicated mobile applications, software, and web applications using customized open source development platforms. An open-source is highly advanced development technology. We use an open-source development model to create our enterprise open source products and solutions.

Open Source Platform To Use by Enterprise

It is important for Liangtuang Technologies to fundamentally provide a resoundful solution for open source development service. In support to the

WordPress is considered one of the most powerful content management systems. Businesses benefit from their countless plugins and add-on features that make website management easy.

LiangTuang offers WordPress web solutions at affordable prices, along with top-notch service. We have an exceptional team of developers with expertise in WordPress solutions for a range of businesses located around the world. Our customized WordPress development services help businesses take better control over their businesses that offer high-performing digital experiences. Get the customer interaction that you have always been looking for through our expertise and experience.

Magento Open Source Development - Magento is one of the highly advanced e-commerce frameworks. It is an open-source, fully customizable, extremely flexible, and well-organized administrative panel. Magento development solutions can be enabled for a new or existing Magento eCommerce store. Our Magento Ecommerce Services can detect your Ecommerce business problems. We then come up with unique solutions for Magento themes, extensions, 3rd party integrations, and online promotions that optimize sales and offer a great customer experience.

Joomla Open Source Development - Joomla is the most powerful and widely demanded open-source platform to build mobile-ready and user-friendly websites. We, at Liangtuang, provide customized Joomla open source development solutions by utilizing the latest versions of the Joomla platform. Our specialist skills in:

  • Components Development
  • Website Maintenance Services
  • Modules Building
  • Joomla Templates Design
  • Custom web Development

Drupal Open Source Development - Drupal is a free and highly demanded open-source platform, and it's written in PHP code. We at Liangtuang, provide a comprehensive range of Drupal open source development services that meet your business requirements. Our varied Drupal services:

  • Drupal Applications development
  • Custom Template & Theme building
  • New Extensions Development
  • Drupal CMS Development
  • Maintenance / Data Migration

Why Choose Liangtuang for Open Source Development Services?

At Liangtuan, unique characteristics make our services stand out from the other developing partners. We assemble a team of professional open source developers efficient in delivering on-demand and ‘best-in-class solutions. With over a decade of experience, our team is deliberately well-versed in open source Services and is greatly enthusiastic to draw out the best from our immense interest.

Professional Team

We provide our clients with resounding outcomes assigned to us with a prototype manifestation. Our skills are beyond matched with all the techniques in the tip of the fingers.

High Performance

With our prototype .Net core services, we enhance and deliver an unmatched performance and impressive user experience. This will drive a good amount of conversions, ranking and top among the other competitors.

Work Transparency and Ethics

We believe that the key to building a professional rapport with our clients are transparency and ethical conduct in work and in communication. We follow an agile process with a focus on transparency to escalate quality results and velocity. Therefore, Liangtuang Technologies executes its work process with these principles to have a long term and special bond with our clients.

Effective Solutions with Domain Insights

We provide a solid end-to-end open source development delivery for your prevailing business. Our service ensures a full-fledged solution in-depth to the domain that includes product scalability, interface design, web and mobile responsiveness, and security.


We ensure deliberate scalable leverages for your growing business needs. Our team of developers are outstandingly flexible to approach and guide our clients in the most comprehensive manner.

On-Time Delivery and Support

Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time. This is fulfilled because of our dedicated developers who consistently perform to achieve the set target for Programming Language assistance. Our support and maintenance means providing quality assistance round the clock and keeping you updated for any changes.

Open Source Development Advantages for Applications

Nowadays, the business community is verging on using almost every technology framework and tool for developing their web applications. Open Source software becomes core attention among the other frameworks. It provides proficient software solutions as in integrating services for existing ones as well as for new ones. Open source development can bring massive progress for an entire organization. Such capabilities are mentioned below:

  • Cost Efficiency - The merits of using open source is that it has no license fees and all the more is free software. It is an overall cost-effective benefit of deploying a solution for any organization. It just solves the involvement of a huge budget challenge for a growing enterprise.
  • Speed - An efficiency of a web page depends on the high-speed performance. The plus point of open source is the ability to draw the community versions, comprehend the business barriers, begin and start to deliver an effective solution for each process.
  • High-Quality Software - With a statutory source code, the designs are impeccable in open-source software. It can be used efficiently while coding. Open Source software is high-quality software with impressive performance.
  • Agility - Open source software target to deliver a flexible result at the deployment phase. The special characteristics of open source development is its agility and help in offering multiple solutions for any issues.
  • Robust Information Security - Open source tends to be more resilient with the fact that they are heavily reviewed and vetted by the community. Although it is challenging and not easy to claim a proprietary over security for any solutions, the flexibility of an excellent open source community and vendors respective of security issues are progressive.


With all due concern, the time period is totally dependent on the varieties that will be involved in your open-source web and software development. We keenly attend first to what exactly our clients want or require for the software web development before we execute the project.
A united group of individuals partaking in developing, maintaining, extending, and promoting a specific part of open-source software. However they set up in different parts of the world, they share a common vision for the open-source project.
A Community is formed when people admit to working together for progressive software development. Software should be available to others with software’s equipment - the code and give others permission to copy, alter and redistribute it all online. The whole process should be approved under the specific terms of the open-source license.
Yes, you are our initial importance. You will be accompanied by one of our project managers to constantly devote his/her time towards your opinion, approach, discussion, and suggestions that will be required during the entire development process. Our Project manager will deliberately keep in touch with you and keep you updated.
Our client must understand that each project undertaking will be unique or slightly similar to others. Depending on the project size/features, design, coding, development, and testing, the cost factor is determined. Our clients can openly discuss with the concerned project manager to help identify, classify and estimate the price for each project undertaking. However, open-source software development is mostly free.
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