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Delve into our Native App development service to top your App in the Google Play Store and App Store search. We deliver a very smart solution and are capable of customizing your app into the most amusing one.

Our Native App Development Services

At Liangtuang Technologies, we believe that our clients’ effort and dreams are valuable. We put our priority in delivering a solution on time worth enticing an end number of customers by using several development models. The consent of our clients are important, hence processes to develop a Native app solution are fairly according to their needs and market time estimation.

iOS App Development

Our exponential team for iOS App Development provides feature-rich and proficient functionality solutions on a wide range of Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone. We build a high quality iOS native app development with stunning design and acutely responsive.

Web Services & APIs for Android

In Liangtuang we have efficient developers to create restful web services for seamless data integration catered from server to mobile application.

Android eCommerce

Build your e-commercial platform for succeeding business response from your targeted clients through android native app development.

Social Networking

The social networking aspect of Native IOS and Android Development allows us to get a higher performance of the new social app on Android and iOS. This ensures a better UI/UX and gives full access to the built-in services of the mobile device.

CRM Integration

Our CRM system helps in utilizing a platform to centralize and engage your business with many different technologies. We help provide you with the power to distribute workloads as needed. We make data easily importable and exportable from your CRM software that further aids in impacting your business globally.

Android App Development

Android being one of the most popular open source worldwide operating systems, it consists of a couple of million apps. In spite of the competition from the ‘rivals’ our team of expertise commits to draw our clients’ app to the top.) We ensure to outdone and outshine your app fulfilling every requirement.

Android Back-end

Our team of developers offer a powerful back-end system with an emphasis on security, accuracy, scalability, and performance. Backed services enable businesses to share and process data from multiple users. Hence, our years of knowledge focuses on building, connecting, testing, and monitoring backend services.

Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

There are endless numbers of good reasons to opt for Native mobile app. Native apps are highly preferable by most people for its distinct features and the experiences built specifically for a device's operating system. Let’s have a look at few of its benefits noted below:

  • Resounding Performance - Native Apps functions way better than any other hybrid or web apps. Its app platforms have a separate coding that has direct access to the device features. This will result in optimum use of the elements and an overall higher performance.
  • Robust IDE Tools - Integrated Development Environment or IDE Tools used for Native app development are comprehensive, robust and can create almost anything from customizing to testing. It provides a set of powerful tools to access hardware features ought to be unavailable to several web and cross development platforms.
  • Quality UX - With the excellent design and consecutive interface like an integrated part of a device, Native apps give the best User Experience. The User Interface elements have the conventional feel and appearance i.e. the ‘look and feel’ with default-like apps, working accordingly and making every navigation smoother.
  • Easier access - Users expect a flow of each interface while using a certain app. Our developers are well aware of the process to make your app run as according to how you expected in full measurement.
  • Stronger Security - Native Apps are unlike other web apps which need other browsers and underlying technologies. Native app safety, security and data protection is guaranteed and approved by google play store or app store.
  • Responsiveness - Native apps are very responsive, fast and reliable. This is because they are created specifically for a device’s operating system which stitch to the guidelines and they interact directly with native APIs and other components.

Why should you build a Native Mobile App Development with Liangtuang Technologies?

In Liangtuang Technologies, we assemble a team of professional Native app developers efficient in delivering on-demand and ‘best-in-class’ solutions. With over a decade of experience, our team is deliberately well-versed in the Native Mobile App development and are greatly enthusiastic to carry out the best from their immense interest.

Exceeding Team

Our full-fledge team are highly experienced native app developers with resounding techniques all in the tips of their fingers. Your Native Mobile app is in good hands with our expertise who will provide a resounding interface, just like it is meant to be.


The social networking aspect of Native IOS
and Android We ensure deliberate scalable leverages that can be scale up and down according to your growing business needs. Your native app will be creatively designed with varieties that will entice your set audiences.

Effective Solutions

Your native app development is as important as food for our developers. We are highly capable of providing ultimate solutions to top your app amongst the other competitors’ apps.

Work Transparency and Ethics

We believe that the key to building a professional rapport with our clients are transparency and ethical conduct in work and in communication. Therefore, Liangtuang Technologies executes its work process with these principles to have a long term and special bond with our clients. Hence, we built trust in each other.

On-Time Delivery

Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time. This is fulfilled because of our dedicated developers who consistently perform to achieve the set target for your native app project.

Connect With Our Developers Today for your Native App Development

Our agile developers are niche skilled and highly dedicated to provide a quality based result. You will find that our team showcases our professionalism in dealing with our clients and have a special bond with them. Our developers are adhesively aspiring, creative, organized, punctual, naturally cordial and genuine in our approach.

  • Our high profile defines us as a comprehensive Native Mobile App Development Company with a perfect knowledge of Native App Development and its tools fit for your demands and requirements. Several of our successful services equipped to our faithful clients are Liamtra, TechMandi, Colbun, AgriMandi, RisLand India, Assertsoft, Story Tale Marketing, ANM Metro and other reputed clients’ app projects.
  • Hire our dedicated developers today to develop an A1 app to draw customers for your business.


Android and iPhones are the crucial platforms to build native apps. They are the two most fierce competitors in the global scenario growing at a notable rate. It is advisable to match the platform before you choose to develop your Native Applications. If your business aims to grow exponentially it is better to develop the app in both the platforms. If your business is local, observe the region which platform is widely used by them and subsequently build the app from the relevant platform.
Liangtuang Technologies provides seamless services for native app development for both Android and iOS. Just have a say for which platform you want to build your app and the entire process of developing the app is ensured to be taken care of from the end of the developers.
Liangtuang Technologies operate all the technical aspects of developing the app and submit the finished brand to the Google Play Store and AppStore. You will be assisted and comprehended about the whole process of the app development since the time of inception of the app and beyond. You are on the safe side of the picture to be completely taken care of by us.
Your app is fully assured of being approved by the respective app store platforms. Our developers put to heart in examining the feasibility of the app at the primary stage to make sure that it does not collide the individual store guidelines.
Feel at ease to connect with us! Clients wanting to connect with us for any assistance or clarification or want to discuss any sensitive topics, we are all ears to come to your aid. Connect us through:
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Every client can find a solid reason to find Liangtuang Technologies as an ideal native app Development company. We can and we have developed apps for healthcare, retails, finance, eCommerce, education and many others

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