Mobile App Marketing Services

With the shifting of digital activities from desktop to smartphones, online marketers are simultaneously transposing their business into mobile app marketing. Mobile app marketing is ideal for this very day as it is convenient, slick and portable for a person to carry all the necessary services on a small device.

Mobile App Store Marketing for Successful Business

Mobile applications or commonly Apps are the result of stipulations from the public which cause a rapid augmentation for most online service providers to build the features. To rank above all the other competitors’ App in the software application distribution platforms such as App store and Play Store is a high level task. This can be achieved with a right implementation of app optimizing strategies to be visible as soon as a user types a word relevant to your business, brands or products.

App Store optimization Services of Liangtuang

With the aforementioned features in mind, Liangtuang Services deliberately carry out a seamless App store optimization Services: We offer

  • Mobile App Development
  • App User Acquisition
  • App Store Optimization
  • App Install Campaigns
  • CPI Campaigns via Affiliate Networks
  • App Reputation Management
  • Mobile App & Mobile Web Designing

These services will acquire a story of success for your App service to reach out to your potential customers and more. We ensure a curative experience in getting a number of app installs, improve your app ranking, get user acquisition, encounter better user engagement and retention, improve in-app conversations, and enhance session length.

Features of App Marketing Services

Developing an app for your business or service is a task taking operation. It is a risk-taking process since there are other competitors in thousands on the platform. Identity and visibility of your app are extremely crucial if you are taking this venture grimly. Your device must undergo this management and instilled these Features:

  • Integrating Search and Social Media Feature
  • Flexibility and aesthetic app design
  • Robust Security, Privacy and GDPR Standard
  • Offline App operation Ability
  • Display Augmented Reality (AR) in multiple systems
  • Feedback Zone
  • Profused feature for mobile touch screen
  • User Friendly

These features are liable to indulge a surprising number of users.

Why Choose Liangtuang App Marketing Services

Mobile App Store Optimization Marketing is considerably achieved when a user discovers that your App is user-friendly. Liangtuang is consistent in performing and delivering the required service with quality results. We have a reliable team to provide a highly valued service with inconceivable solutions. With a close look at many service scenarios, services are insubstantially offered, but with us, you will experience a solid operation to offer the most realistic mobile marketing services.