Internet of things

Internet of Things is a big invention made in the technology turf, which allows the devices to collect data and interconnect the devices for the seamless connectivity eco-system. IoT development helps the businesses to get brilliant transformation for the further convenience.


Mobile applications have seen a huge growth due to the Internet of things. The implementation of it includes two basic- gateway and an endpoint. The mobile app can be effectively used to receive the data from endpoints According to a recent survey, around 12 billion devices are connected to the Internet. The research also states that will further increase by 26-fold in the coming years. This connects everything that can reach a connection with each other. This also leads up to the utilization of resources and efficiency. With the internet of things, people get better access. It enables them to get any of the required services on their smartphone through mobile applications. IoT technology helps in increasing the efficiency of the business as it reduces the overall cost of application development.

IoT Services Liangtuang Offers


In the era of digital devices, we enable the opportunity for better learning
with technology.


Take advantage of the benefits of IoT as a robust, secure, powerful grid of connected devices, buildings, and infrastructure.

Architecture Development

Attain the development of mission-effective systems through functional decomposition, object-oriented analysis, and structured analysis.

Module Development

Module development helps in selecting the development framework and the development approach for the benefit of your business.


We specialize in providing independent software testing and quality assurance services to companies.

Support & Maintenance

Increase your business productivity, add flexibility, and scalability through our support and maintenance system.

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