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Explore our Hybrid App Development service and see the magic how your app works in different environments. Our cross-platform service will discover the real worth of your app that perfectly blends in with native and web development.

Hybrid Mobile App Development for Better User Experience

Hybrid mobile apps are gaining popularity across various platforms as they work seamlessly and are very flexible to appear in any environment. Its adaptability, and speed further adds reliability to build this kind of app for any business which needs this kind of application development. Let’s have a look at few of its benefits noted below:

  • Enhanced User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) - With the ability to provide flawless and consistency across every app store platform, hybrid apps are more embracing towards enhancing the UI/UX experiences. Developing the content and loading the graphics are easier and quicker in hybrid apps.
  • Easy Integration - Hybrid apps are developed with one purpose that is to function in all the available OS. Hybrid apps salvage all the complexities of inter-app interaction by supporting seamless integration with the other apps. This then creates a very effortless integration of apps for the developers unlike native apps.
  • Time Saving and cost effective - The best call to hybrid app development is the unification development of apps that does not require separate building of multiple versions but one. Developers write only one set of code that saves a good amount of time and low costs maintenance.
  • Offline Usage and support - Offline usage and support feature of hybrid apps is top among the advantages of other features. Due to limited data consumption they can be used in the absence of internet connection or in the rural neighborhood with internet connectivity challenges.
  • Responsiveness - Hybrid apps are no different than native apps in being responsive and fast. In Spite of multiple users at a time, hybrid apps are always expected to run fast on most devices since they hardly rely on network connectivity.

Hybrid App Development Service Company

At Liangtuang Technologies, we believe that our clients’ effort and dreams are valuable. We put our priority in delivering a solution on time worth enticing an end number of customers by using several development models. The consent of our clients are important, hence processes to develop a Hybrid app solution are fairly according to their needs and market time estimation.

Attractive UI/UX Design

Develop an eye catching design and feature-rich for your hybrid app that excellently fits with any device screens. Experience our customization process in developing your app into a full and finished product that elegantly reflects your brand vision.

Application Development

Right after our clients present and finalize the plan, we settle to bring the app to life in the most visually attractive way for users to download. To bring on the best effect and prototype we use a blend of frameworks and tools such as flutter, react, ionic and other reliable technologies best suited for the particular hybrid application.

QA Testing

We go through a series of every possible testing very carefully. Equipped with various QA tools in our QA Lab, we exponentially conduct timely reviews, debug issues, check functionality and flow, build performance testing strategies and tune the application for optimal accomplishments.


We are capable of handling any new or existing cross platform applications with full support and effective maintenance. Our potent monitoring will ensure an optimized performance even when the app should load in a high traffic environment. Our hybrid app monitoring service guides us to determine the core business objectives in the absence of ordinary management.

Tools/ Framework We use to Develop Hybrid Mobile Apps

  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Ionic

Why choose Liangtuang to build a Hybrid Mobile App Development?

At Liangtuang Technologies, we assemble a team of professional Hybrid App developers efficient in delivering on-demand and ‘best-in-class’ solutions. With over a decade of experience, our team is deliberately well-versed in Hybrid App Development Services and are greatly enthusiastic to draw out the best from their immense interest.

  • Highly Qualified Developers - Our developers are eager to provide our clients with resounding outcomes assigned to us with a prototype manifestation. Their skills are beyond matched with all the techniques in the tip of their fingers.
  • Work Transparency and Ethics - We believe that the key to building a professional rapport with our clients are transparency and ethical conduct in work and in communication. We follow an agile process with a focus on transparency to escalate quality results and velocity. Therefore, Liangtuang Technologies executes its work process with these principles to have a long term and special bond with our clients.
  • Effective Solutions - We provide a solid end-to-end hybrid app solution for your prevailing business. From the initial phase to finishing the application in accomplishing the milestones and beyond, our service ensures a full-fledged solution that includes product scalability, interface design, building the app, Quality testing and delivery.
  • Scalability- We ensure deliberate scalable leverages that can be scaled up and down according to your growing business needs. Your hybrid app will be creatively designed with varieties that will entice your set audiences.
  • On-Time Delivery and Support- Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time. This is fulfilled because of our dedicated developers who consistently perform to achieve the set target for your hybrid app project. Our support and maintenance means providing quality assistance round the clock and keeping you updated for any changes.

Get Connected With the Team of Hybrid App Development

Our agile hybrid app developers are niche skilled and highly dedicated to provide a quality based result. Our team showcases our professionalism in dealing with our clients and has a special bond with them. Our developers are adhesively aspiring, creative, organized, punctual, naturally cordial and genuine in our approach.

Our high profile defines us as a comprehensive Hybrid App Development Company with a perfect knowledge of Hybrid App Development and its tools fit for your demands and requirements. Several of our successful services equipped to our faithful clients are Liamtra, Beecart, VezBox, Novorepair and other reputed clients’ hybrid app projects.


The minimum period of time for a simple hybrid app is from 3 to 6 months. With multiple factors to accomplish a complex app, it takes approximately 6 months to 1 year to build a fully functionable hybrid app and sometimes extended for phase wise release.
Yes, we are always keen towards the latest updates of framework and tools that can make any older or outdated hybrid frameworks to transfer or port to the latest one. Currently react, flutter and ionic are in-house available open sources to develop hybrid apps.
Liangtuang Technologies provides seamless services for Hybrid App development service. Just have a say for which platform you want to build your app and the entire process of developing the app is ensured to be taken care of from the end of the developers.
Liangtuang Technologies operate all the technical aspects of developing the app and submit the finished brand to the App store platforms. You will be assisted and comprehended about the whole process of the app development since the inception period and beyond. You are on the safe side of the picture to be completely taken care of by us.
Your app is fully assured of being approved by the respective app store platforms. Our developers put to heart in examining the feasibility of the app at the primary stage to make sure that it does not collide with the individual store guidelines. Apps that we develop potentially support features that are complex as well as the latest ones.
Feel at ease to connect with us! Clients wanting to connect with us for any assistance or clarification or want to discuss any sensitive topics, we are all ears to come to your aid. Connect us through:
  • Phone -
  • +91 1204351755 (India)
  • +1 210 209 8841 (USA)
  • +49 160 873 5426 (Germany)
  • +56 997 847 438 (Chile)
  • Email -
  • hello@liangtuang.com

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As the best Android application development company our developers deliver Hybrid App development solutions many devices irrespective of platforms & OS.

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