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Being one of the best Flutter App Development Company, Liangtuang Technologies introduces a next-gen Flutter App Development services. We create a unique and beautifully designed app using Flutter, one of the revolutionary frameworks of Google.Our developers are keen and enthusiastic to carry out an excellent performance providing scalable and best-in-class flutter app development services for mobile app and web. Hence, you will enjoy encountering multi-platform applications with charming User Interfaces, and seamless integration with attractive animations. Get your project shared with our developers today to experience next-generation flutter development best suited for your growing business

Our Flutter App Development Services

Liangtuang Technologies potently delivers a fulfilling Flutter App Development services for clients. Anticipating and delivering project solutions on time is our utmost priority to make our clients’ businesses productive and engage a great number of consumers. At Liangtuang Technologies, we provide:

Managing Flutter-based Projects - Hire our full-stack developers to manage your software projects in Flutter.We transform your idea from scratch to a succeeding service for your application.

API Development & Integration - Get in touch with our developers to integrate and meet various requirements for your mobile app.Our team can assist you to build and deploy REST APIs.

Cross Platform Apps - Our agile developers help build high quality and feature rich mobile apps that run across multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS etc.

Custom Flutter App Development - Flutter App is customizable, hence it can provide customized solutions that are more authentic and appropriate as per the requirement of the particular Flutter App Development.

Maintenance and Support - Our Dart Experts can fix bugs at a fast pace. Keep up with us for fast testing, audits and other fixes.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

Flutter, Google's open-source UI software development kit (SDK) is used for creating mobile, desktop, and web apps with a single codebase. Flutter is not a framework nor library but a complete SDK. It helps programmers to comprehend the changing phase of developers contributing to the platform. It also increases the productivity and efficiency of the coder. Moreover, the results come fast and save cost for the entire project. Let’s have a look at few of its benefits noted below:

  • Single Codebase - Flutter allows programmers to write code one time because the framework is cross-platform. Besides, the code can be used on multiple platforms, hence allowing a single app version to run on both Android and iOS. As a result, it saves time and effort in writing code for different platforms, also saving a lot of time and cost for overall app development and launching.
  • Flutter use Dart As Programming Language - Dart is a client-designed programming language for web and mobile applications development. This result for flutter to use Dart as an object-oriented programming language to build apps. It works like java and often uses well-known features of other languages. Developers find it easy to complete their tasks due to dart’s receptive programming styles. It’s speciality include strong typing, async-awaits, garbage collection and rich standard library.
  • Live Reloading and Development - This feature in flutter allows developers to view the changes of code instantly. Both designers and developers receive updates almost immediately when it is available. Updates are not required but the use of framework can continue without any interruptions for developing other features. Hence, less time is spent to create a robust application and boosts the productivity of developers. Additionally the overall cost of project development is absolutely saved and reduced.
  • Performs Like Native App - Native apps are usually built particularly for a specific platform resulting in responsive performance. Similarly, Flutter performs extremely fast on any platform as they use Dart programming language. This perhaps, makes it simple, fast and can easily compile into native code. Hence the application performs much better than any other app development platforms.
  • Use of Custom Widgets - Flutter has a variety of widgets for developers to select in the process of creation. Further, it is simpler and faster to design a basic user interface. Once, one can create a UI element and ultimately, it will fit itself to different screens, resolutions and platforms. Enabling different functions is possible by wrapping a widget inside another.
  • Create Apps for Mobile, Desktop, and Web - One of the most satisfying advantages of hiring a Flutter app developer is that they create a compatible development. That being said, you can run an app across multiple platforms at the same time. For instance, Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux are the different operating systems
  • Attracts More Investors - One of the basic reasons Flutter is convenient is its MVP or Minimum Viable Product. MVP signifies the basic app’s function and features. As a result, Flutter’s MVP provides a high-quality interface and is compatible with various platforms. Hence, a lot of investors are attracted to it and eventually lead to funding your projects.
  • Requires Less Testing - Since flutter uses a single code base, testing is done once which in turn saves a lot of time and costs. The code base does not change as they run across different platforms.

Why should you build a Flutter App Development with Liangtuang Technologies?

Liangtuang Technologies gathers an efficient team to deliver best-in-class solutions for Flutter app development.Years of experience makes our team well-versed and enthusiastic to carry out the on-demand development for our clients.However,there are also a few other reasons to choose Liangtuang Technologies for Flutter app development:

Right Team

We are the right team to solve the right problem. Your Flutter Mobile app is in good hands with our agile developers who will provide a resounding interface, just like it is meant to be.

Delivery On-Time

Liangtuang Technologies strictly adheres to deliver projects on time.

Convincing Solutions

Experience a resounding solution and success with our flutter mobile app development service.


While you need your business to grow, we ensure deliberate scalability leverages for your Flutter app Development Project.

Transparency of Work

Liangtuang Technologies carry out its service adhering to work transparency and execute work with ethics and principles.Our main goal is to have a long term and special bond with our clients with trust.

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Liangtuang Technologies professional team are niched skilled developers providing high quality services. We are adhesively aspiring, creative, organized, punctual, naturally cordial and genuine in our approach.

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To start with, Flutter creates intriguing and animated apps for users.Developers use Flutter to lessen the effort of entry to build apps. App development is faster and conveniently reduces the cost and time. It also reduces complexity to build an app across multiple platforms.

Flutter is a flattering tool for designers as it has the ability to turn concepts to reality. It patently provides a design for high-end user experience.

Business and service owners find flutter to unify app developers into a single mobile, web, and desktop app team. As a result it helps build a branded app for multiple platforms from a single codebase. The speeds feature development and integrates the release schedule across all the user base.

Flutter helps support mobile apps running on both iOS and Android. It also supports interactive apps that allow it to run on web pages or on the desktop. Flutter is great to use on apps that need highly branded designs. Flutter includes a wide variety of hardware, for instance, network, camera, GPS and storage services such as cloud storage, payments, biometrics and aads.

Flutter SDK comes with these:

  • Heavily optimized, mobile-first 2D rendering engine with excellent support for text
  • Modern react-style framework
  • Rich set of widgets implementing Material Design and iOS-style
  • APIs for unit and integration tests
  • Interop and plugin APIs to connect to the system and 3rd-party SDKs
  • Headless test runner for running tests on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Dart DevTools for testing, debugging, and profiling your app
  • Command-line tools for creating, building, testing, and compiling your apps
Yes you can! In fact desktop support is in beta for Windows,macOS and Linux.
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