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Helping Hands

What appeared to be as a form of the usual common cold infection has today impacted people all over the world to lose their lives. The first time it came under the radar was in December 2019 when China alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) of the various flu-like cases that were being reported in Wuhan in clusters. On the 1st of January, the seafood market of Wuhan (capital of Central China’s Hubei province) was suspected as the hub of an outbreak by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cases started creeping up in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, USA, Singapore and more. Till the end of January Coronavirus ha infected over five hundred people out of which seventeen had sadly lost their lives. Airports started screening passengers arriving from Wuhan. Soon China was seen imposing travel restrictions on some of its cities such as Chibi, Zhijiang, Huangshi, Xiantao, Enshi, Qianjiang and Xianning. Restaurants were shut and flights were suspended. As cases started creeping up in all corners of the world, on the 31st of January, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern. Fast forward to the Month of May, countries over the world such as India have gone through a period of lockdowns to help deal with the outbreak. Where We

At Liangtuang Technologies Pvt. Ltd. understand these unprecedented times. Hence, we commit to rise and help the people in need. As of today, we have managed to impact 705 households. Each and every household of certain districts of Nagaland have been successfully provided with a significant amount of edible food items that are sufficient for their entire families. Families that are connected to churches such as the St. John church Nkwareu, N.T church new Jalukie, Elohim church, SDA church, St. Thomas, Rongmei church Mhainamtsi, Rongmei church Jalukie town, Samziuram, S. D. A. church Samziuram Catholic, Catholic church Samziuram, Samjai colony church and the Catholic church have been provided with bags of food that will help them sustain these unusual times. Shops, restaurants, hair salons are being opened in Italy, countries such as Spain and South Africa are reporting a rise in the number of people being affected by the coronavirus. Sadly people are not just fighting against the dangerous impact of this global pandemic. Many people are losing their jobs, companies are unable to hold their ground, the former thriving and booming Travel and Aviation industries are currently among the worst affected sectors. The pandemic has caused them to lose billions of dollars. When we glance at the way things have been occurring we notice that the new normal that existed just a while ago has been replaced by unprecedented new for which it is safe to say that is hard to define and predict any form of stability or future. Out of all that is currently occurring, the poor that include the daily wage workers, people living in urban slums and rural areas are sadly among the most affected.

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