How To Fix Your Apple Watch When It Won’t Swipe Up!

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With great features such as a heart rate monitor, ECG, fall detection, calls, and many more, Apple Watch is the most convenient gadget you can ever have. In fact, it tops all the smartwatches in the world, however, it can go wrong sometimes. You heard that right, it comes to no use if the screen cannot swipe up or down. When it does, the first thing anyone would do is reboot the watch or troubleshoot it and wait for the outcome. If that does not work, there are a few steps to fix your apple watch.

  • Restart Apple Watch

To fix a frozen or unresponsive Apple Watch, restart it by holding down the side button and the digital crown until the Apple logo appears. If this doesn’t work, try restarting it again

  • Try slow swipes

It could be a software bug that keeps your Apple Watch from detecting the normal swipes. Try slow swipes until a fix-update is pushed. The following steps are to be followed if this makes no difference. 

  • Unpair and re-pair Apple Watch

Sometimes, unpairing and pairing techniques get your watch back to work again. Unpair and pair your watch with your device to see the magic. To avoid unwanted regret, take a backup of your watchOS to restore it later. 

  • Change watch face

Your Apple Watch may apparently stop responding to swipe gestures because the watch face may prevent it. Hence, it is not always the software or hardware issue that makes your watch stop working. 

Try changing the face of the watch by lifting your wrist to light up the screen or tap on it. Swipe gently from the left or right edge of the watch to switch to different watch faces. 

  • Check for cracks on the screen

Sometimes, cracks or scratches may damage the responsiveness of your Apple Watch. You never know because the watch rests on your wrist and it may have hit somewhere. Check around the bezels and corners of the watch and if you notice, it is best you visit Apple Support. 

  • Contact Apple Support

The last call for you is to contact Apple support if the above steps are no help to fix your watchOS. Report the issue for official support if you happen to see scratches or cracks on the watch or if the above fixes do not help your watch at all. 

Follow all the steps above and see if it helps your watch to work again. 

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