Success Story

Developing a custom Online E Coaching System (ECS) for Reskillfy

Project Details

Reskillfy is a custom E Coaching System (ECS), It started out as a platform designed to offer courses, coaching, training, and guidance to help you level up your various skill sets (pertaining to both soft and hard skills). It became a place to connect professionals, mentors, teachers, course creators, virtually anyone with the right teachings and skills to convey to individuals seeking to better themselves and growing in a personal and professional capacity. And though our selection of teachers and courses was enough to make us the best course platform out there, it needed more to become a true thought transformation platform.


The Coach will be able to register onto the platform & and purchase the subscription plans and create the courses, programs, add brands, goals, coupons & create their own customized websites in domain section with some pre designed themes.


The employer will be able to register onto the platform and purchase the subscription plans. Based on the available purchased plan the employer will be able to create customized courses for their employees and track and manage the performance of their employees.


The member will be able to browse & buy courses. They will be able to manage their profile and also able to send/receive messages from the chat option in courses. They also track their course progress, assignments, notices from coach, live notifications etc.

Admin Panel

The admin will be able to manage all the activities from the admin panel.

Team Liangtuang developed a comprehensive E Coaching System (ECS) that would help to automate e learning processes, centralize data, and improve information access.

  • A web-based application was developed with key modules to manage the E learning Marketplace.

  • A web-based admin panel was developed to manage roles, users, coaches, employer’s departments, service plans, pricing, approval etc.

To build this complex, interactive solution where minute details needed to be emphasized, team Liangtuang followed a phase-wise approach. This development approach was expected to offer the following benefits:

  • It helps in the gradual adoption of the new system.

  • It helps to prioritize modules and functionality that will address the burning challenges and provide a quick turnaround time.

  • It helps to get feedback from actual users in less time.

Requirement Analysis and Documentation

To understand the main points of the Reskillfy team, L Tech team conducted F2F discussions at the multi-level. A team of business analysts interviewed the Reskillfy team to understand how the system works for each level, what are their challenges, and what do they expect from a new, improved system. Moreover, team L Tech interacted with the Coaches & Employers to understand how certain processes (such as profile creation, Company registration, Course creation, managing courses, managing employees, Chat with employees, certification etc.) can be eased for them. Team Liangtuang also interviewed some students to understand their need and their pain points in e learnings.

The requirement gathering was followed by documentation of how the existing challenges can be resolved. This included creating flow charts for working of every level, a comparative analysis on how the system flow can be simplified, creating designs (UI/UX), and architecture for the solution.

These designs were showcased to the Reskillfy team for approval. Upon approval from the Client, a prototype (wireframes) was generated and again shared for approval.

Challenges in Development Process


Addressing Technical Vulnerabilities


Creating a Custom and Secure Authentication and Authorization System


Separating Client Side/Presentation Code from Server-Side/Business Logic Code


Configuring Delivery Delays, Managing Queued Messages


Scheduling Automated Tests


Integrating Backend Caches for Boosting Performance


Integrating Website builder into coach module


Integrating a complex support system into multiple modules

Development and Implementation

Team L Tech adopted a modular approach to the development of a complex E Coaching System (ECS). The application was divided into four main modules and their sub-modules so that development and testing could be eased.

Separate coach Page , Registration, Login, Explore Plan & Pricing, Coach Dashboard, Public Profile, Onboarding, My Classes, Brands, Manage brands, Goals, Manage goals, Financial goals, Personal goal, Weekly checkin, Manage calendar, Add Coaching, Add Coaching client, Workspace, Courses / Clinics, One to One coaching, Sample Courses, Masterclass, Guest Coach, Manage Digital Products, Payment History, Live Coaching, Add Programs, Manage Programs, Purchase Report, Website builder, Add Website Domains, Manage website, Manage Checklist, Reviews, Manage Coupons, Enrollments, Members, Reports etc.

Separate Employers Page , Registration, Login, Explore Plan & Pricing, Dashboard, Profile, Onboarding, My Classes, Brands, Manage brands, Goals, Manage goals, Manage calendar, Add Coaching, Add Coaching client, Workspace, Manage Digital Products, Payment History, Live Coaching, Add Programs, Manage Programs, Manage Checklist, Reviews, Manage Coupons, Enrollments, Members, Reports etc.

Candidate Home Page , Registration, Login, Member Dashboard, Account Management, Manage profile, Manage Membership and Payments, Purchase History, Welcome Page, Courses Management, Enrolled Courses, Enrolled Programs, Purchased Digital Products, Enrolled Live Coaching, Purchased Al-A-Carte Items, Wishlists, Checklist Management, Available checklists, Active checklist, Completed Checklist, Resources Management, Calendar, To-Do List, Community Tribe, Schedule Call, Success Stories, Conference & Events, Support, How Dashboard Works, Message etc.

Admin Users, User Packages, Manage Sub-Account Roles, Dashboard, Manage Categories, Manage Onboarding, User Activity, Manage Meta Tags, Manage Courses, Live Coaching, Manage Programs, Manage Digital Products, Manage Checklist, Manage Products, Al-a-carte, Manage Purchased Addons, Manage Membership Plans, Manage Coach Member, Export Member, Manage Enrollment, Orders, Theme, Report, Message, Addons, Settings, Profile & Accounts, Contact Us, Manage User Guide etc.

Technologies Used


Reskillfy was able to launch and market the product in a timely manner as Liangtuang Team ensured that the deliverables were provided on time while maintaining the utmost quality. Within a few months of its launch, the application has received an amazing response from Coaches as well as the Members as it allowed online learning & teaching process seamlessly. The direct connection between the members & coaches has been helping to reduce the stress of entire process. This ECS system also reduces the work load of Reskillfy team.