Success Story

Developing a custom Procurement ERP with Salesforce Integration for Nanotech Energy

Project Details

Colbún is a utility company in Chile engaged in the electric power transmission segment. It is a Chilean capital company, the leader in the generation of sustainable, safe and competitive electricity. They are the third largest operator in the SEN (National Electric System) where they have close to 16% of the market share (measured in installed capacity). Today Colbún S.A. generates a total of 2514 MW, of which 1274 comes from hydropower and 1236 from fossil fuels plants. Production assets in the energy sector, whether offshore or onshore, are often situated in non-ideal environments and are constantly exposed to harsh operating conditions. The breakdown of such equipment leads to a lot of challenges in operational processes such as unconnected environments, frequent machine downtimes, and underperforming assets. Hence, maintenance of this equipment becomes imperative to keep up with production goals.

Liangtuang developed a Digital Inspection Management System for monitoring and maintaining their power projects. It is designed specifically to manage all their critical assets. By utilizing simple but efficient maintenance modules, It can Capture comprehensive asset information, manage day-to-day maintenance tasks, schedule preventative maintenance and inspections, handle automatic store ordering and produce detailed statutory reports.

This system has many features, some of which are given below.

Asset Register

The focal point of This Maintenance Management System. The Asset Register allows its users to set up a clear concise and descriptive structure that provides an overview of assets and locations.

Preventative Maintenance

Manage all repetitive jobs for their assets. Generate periodic work orders to either time-based or usage-based frequency schedules.

Work Orders

Create a job for an asset, get something fixed or simply set a reminder they can add, edit, print, complete and sign off work orders.


A complete record of all the work they have done throughout the system. Information can be recalled at any point for analysis and reporting.

Control Files

Full access to all the controls in this system allows them to customize their settings and define their own custom rules.

Equipment Readings

Readings are a collection of analytics taken from their equipment to allow for better management of the performance of their assets.


With over 50+ reports available, This system allows them to extract any piece of information from the database. They can also customize reports and add them to favourites


Gives them the flexibility to perform daily checks and tasks with ease. Use a hand-held device or a paper checklist or a combination of both.


Define a whole range of access levels for their Users giving them only the functions they need to perform their job effectively. Now with Active Directory Integration.

Other main features of the application are:-
  • Checklist Management

  • Real-Time Tracking Management

  • Orders Management

  • Reports Inventory Management

  • Offline data availability

3rd Party API’s Integration:-
  • Location API

  • SMS gateway

Team Liangtuang developed a comprehensive Digital Inspection Management System that would help to automate whole processes, centralize data, transparency and improve information access.

  • A web-based application was developed with key modules.

  • A web-based admin panel was developed to manage roles, users, categories, Website Content, team management, reports, order, tracking etc.

To build this complex, interactive solution where minute details needed to be emphasized, team Liangtuang followed a phase-wise approach. This development approach was expected to offer the following benefits:

  • It helps in the gradual adoption of the new system.

  • It helps to prioritize modules and functionality that will address the burning challenges and provide a quick turnaround time.

  • It helps to get feedback from actual users in less time.

Requirement Analysis and Documentation

To understand the pain points of the client, L Tech team conducted F2F discussions at the multi-level. A team of business analysts interviewed the client to understand how the system works for each level, what are their challenges, and what they expect from a new, improved system. Moreover, team L Tech interacted with their ground staff to understand how certain processes (such as notifications receiving, checkpoints, offline access, tracking updates, Report formation etc.) can be eased for them.

The requirement gathering was followed by documentation of how the existing challenges can be resolved. This included creating flow charts for working at every level, a comparative analysis of how the system flow can be simplified, creating designs (UI/UX), and architecture for the solution.

These designs were showcased to the Client for approval. Upon approval from the Client, a prototype (wireframes) was generated and again shared for approval.

Challenges in Development Process


Addressing Technical Vulnerabilities


Creating a Custom and Secure Authentication and Authorization System


Separating Client Side/Presentation Code from Server-Side/Business Logic Code


Configuring Delivery Delays, Managing Queued Messages


Scheduling Automated Tests


Integrating Backend Caches for Boosting Performance


Offline access management


Real time data sync

Development and Implementation

Team L Tech adopted a modular approach to the development of a complex Digital Inspection Management System. The application was divided into Two main modules and their sub-modules so that development and testing could be eased.

User login, User Dashboard, Inspection form, checklist, location tracking, Media file management, Rea- time data upload, documents uploading, location setup, date & time schedular, report creation & submission etc.

Login, User access, manage inspection, category management, Checklist management, Inspection forms, Real-time data processing, Direct messaging, Blog, direct emailing, content management, Reports Tracking, Chart & Graphs builder etc.

Technologies Used


Colbún was able to launch the product in a timely manner as Liangtuang Team ensured that the deliverables were provided on time while maintaining the utmost quality. This System has been a game-changer for their Energy Plants. Its ease of use and implementation allowed them to get up to speed within just a few short weeks. This system eliminated maintenance chaos with easy work order management. Everyone on their team can access work instructions, task lists, notes, files, and print-to-paper options, from a desktop or mobile. It also helped in providing customized dashboards for better graphical representation. It also enhances safety measures at a worksite and reduces the likelihood of fatalities occurring. As a result of implementing this system, there was a reduction of approximately 40% in accidents that occurred on the site. All the processes were made more user-friendly, while user management enhanced security.